Protective Coatings Group Northwest

FortiCel™ is a proprietary blend of next-generation compounds which both eliminate and prevent mold growth on building material surfaces.

The science behind FortiCel™ is truly next-generation and the best product available today. The product has been shown to prevent germination of mold spores on the coating surface and will last longer than the structure itself.

How does the warranty work?
Each treated home is issued a warranty by the manufacturer which will identify the address of the home and the locations within that home that have been treated. All areas treated with FortiCel™ will be covered by the warranty which provides for full remediation at the expense of the manufacturer in the event that mold has grown on a treated surface.

How does the warranty protect the builder?
Treating a home that is currently owned by a builder does not effect the warranty and the warranty will transfer automatically when the home is sold.

How does the warranty benefit the homeowner?
Aside from the great protection that FortiCel™ provides for a homeowner while they occupy the house, treating your home also provides great resale value for a homeowner. In today's market of mold addendums and heft litigation, a mold warranty can only serve to improve a home's marketability.

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