Protective Coatings Group Northwest

FortiCelTM provides a 25 year transferable and written manufacturer's warranty. A proprietary combination of technologies that prohibits mold growth on all interior construction products and surfaces. When applied to lumber, concrete, sheetrock, and steel, FortiCelTM will provide durable skeletal protection. FortiCelTM is an effective, innovative solution for builders and contractors who want to offer long-lasting value via guaranteed protection against mold growth for 25 years. FortiCelTM is light orange in coloring and is a building green product. FortiCelTM has also received the Mold Seal of Approval.
FortiCelTM Crawlspace is a specialty coating designed to resist mold growth in the crawlspace, basement, or attic of a home/building. This unique coating is white in color and is applied to all surfaces to protect against mold by providing a mold resistant barrier to the coating surface. Only FortiCelTM Crawlspace can provide the long-term protection needed in these challenging environments. This coating is so powerful it has a 25 year limited lifetime warranty on all coated surfaces.
MycoDyneTM is a specialty product for the remediation and restoration industry developed from a proprietary combination of technologies. Blue in color, MycoDyneTM will prohibit mold growth on all interior construction surfaces. Once applied to remediated or restored surfaces, MycoDyneTM will provide long-term protection against mold and mildew guaranteed for 25 years.
ProClean101TM is a specialty product designed to aid in the removal or cleaning of areas with fungal growth. This cleaner technology is safe, effective, and resistant to future growth concerns on its coated surfaces. ProClean101TM is a clear solution that does not contain bleach or bleaching agents. In addition to ProClean101TM being a powerful cleaner it leaves a residual coating that is completely invisible, and effective against recurring growth.

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