Protective Coatings Group Northwest

  • Field Investigations
    • An onsite investigation followed by a written report stating whether there are/not any moisture intrusion issues to be addressed by the owner
  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys and Sampling
    • Air Sample Readings to test the fungal and non-fungal air content
    • Written Report and Recommendations
  • Mold Surveys
    • With or without Mold Samples including a Written Report with Recommendations
  • Mold Sampling
    • Tape Lift Samples
      Typically collected from visible areas of suspect growth
    • Surface Wipe “Swab” Analysis
      Typically collected with sterile swabs from areas of suspected visible mold growth on building materials
    • Bulk Sampling
      Typically collected from building materials containing areas of suspect visible mold growth
  • Mold Remediation / Mold Removal
    • From Small to Large Scale Remediation for Commercial and Residential
  • Mold Prevention
    • All Environmentally Friendly, Building Green Products
    • 25 Year Manufacturer’s Written and Transferable Warranty

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